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4.14 U.S. Debut of Whisper of a Shadow

Friday, April 14, 2017

Whisper of a Shadow: Homage to Louis Moreau Gottschalk Fisher Center @ Bard College, Presented by Catskill Jazz Factory

French composer, musicologist and trumpet-man Yohan Giaume examines the oeuvre of New Orleans pianist, Louis Moreau Gottschalk. This special concert features new arrangements by Giaume for rhythm section featuring Ehud Asherie and a string quartet led by Ruben Kodheli.


Place: Fisher Center at Bard College,
Date & Time: Friday, 14 April,  8pm
Line-Up: Evan Christopher (clarinet)
Yohan Giaume (trumpet)
Ehud Asherie (piano)
Ruben Kodheli string quartet


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