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8.04 Clarinet Road @ The Newport Jazz Festival

Friday, Aug 4, 2017, 3pm-4:30pm @ The Newport Jazz Festival

I am honored to be a part of the Newport Family this year. This ClarinetRoad performance will boast New Orleans A-Listers and some East Coast ringers for some added brass. We’ll show them that the New Orleans clarinet tradition is alive and well!

Place: Newport Jazz Festival
Date & Time: Friday, Aug, 42017
Line-Up: Evan Christopher (clarinets)
David Torkanowsky (piano)
Roland Guerin (bass)
Shannon Powell (drums)
Jon-Erik Kellso & Leon Brown (trumpets)
John Allred & Jason Jackson (trombones)
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8.06 Clarinet Road @ Satchmo Summerfest

Sunday, Aug 6, 2017, pm @ Satchmo Summerfest, New Orleans

We’ll show them that the New Orleans clarinet tradition is alive and well!

Place: Old U.S. Mint, New Orleans
Date & Time: Sunday, Aug 6, 2017
Line-Up: Evan Christopher (clarinets)
Joe Ashlar (piano)
Shannon Powell (drums)
Jon-Erik Kellso (trumpet)
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8.06 Clarinet Road w/ Jon-Erik Kellso at Snug Harbor

For the Sunday night during the beloved Satchmo SummerFest weekend, Jon-Erik Kellso returns to New Orleans.

It’s the usual drill at Snug: Two shows, 8pm & 10pm, club’s event info here or call the club during business hours. (504) 949-0696


Place: Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro, 626 Frenchmen St., New Orleans, LA 70116
Date & Time: Sunday, August 4, 2017, 8pm & 10pm
Line-Up: Evan Christopher, Jon-Erik Kellso



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7.06 Jazz at Lincoln Center Listening Party “Not Just Music for Drinkers & Dancers – Pt. 2 of 2”

Thursday, July 6, 2017 (7:00pm)
Jazz Academy Listening Party: Not Just Music for Drinkers & Dancers

WHO: Evan Christopher
WHERE: The Irene Diamond Education Center (IDEC) Time Warner Building, 5th Floor, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Broadway at 60th St., New York, New York.
WHEN: JULY 6, 2017 at 7pm

Jazz at Lincoln Center hosts a free Listening Party on Wednesday, July 5 & 6 at 7PM in the Agnes Varis and Karl Leichtman Recording Studio (Time Warner Bldg, 5th Floor, Broadway at 60th St., New York, NY). The program “Not Just Music for Drinkers & Dancers” will be presented by Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Education Department over two consecutive evenings.

Clarinetist Evan Christopher has been an advocate for the traditional music of New Orleans and early jazz for most of his career. In this intensive two day workshop, history, guided listening and insights about what makes this music potent, artistic and culturally relevant help participants develop their critical listening skills of traditional New Orleans music & early jazz.

Despite the music’s commercial trappings over its century-long practice and humble beginnings, participants will gain a better understanding of the craft from the musicians’ perspectives and develop deeper listening skills to encourage confidence in their aesthetic value judgments.

This event is an exciting part of Jazz at Lincoln Center’s free Listening Party series, which can be found online at
The Irene Diamond Education Center (IDEC) is located on the 5th Floor of the Time Warner Center, 60th Street and Broadway.


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