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12.27 Storyville Centennial Project in Italy

Umbria.WinterThe Storyville Centennial Project is a new ensemble that Don Vappie and I formed after being invited to the 2014 festival, Umbria Jazz Winter. Since our debut last October to celebrate Jelly Roll Morton’s birth anniversary, the group’s repertoire has expanded to celebrate all of our musical heroes.  Vappie’s brand of “Creole Jazz” and my agenda of finding new ways to treat classic New Orleans music inform our concert programs that will take place each night from Dec. 27 through Jan 1.

Place: Orvieto, Italy
Date & Time: December 27-January 1 2014
Line-Up: Evan Christopher, Don Vappie, Kris Tokarski, Benji Bohannon, Kevin Louis, Michael Watson, Sebastien Girardot