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07.15 2015 Mezzrow’s NYC

My old friend, Ehud Asherie, and I will reprise last month’s sold out duo show. That was my first time there, and I loved the room. Completely acoustic, it reminded me of a classic European basement club, …but cleaner. Check out the event on Mezzrow’s website, or see event details, here. Reserved seating for these shows is extremely limited (just over 30 seats).



Place: Mezzrow’s Jazz Club, 163 W 10th St, New York, NY 10014
Date & Time: 9:30 & 11, Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Line-Up: Evan Christopher (clarinet) Ehud Aherie (piano)



07.31 15th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival

Friday, July 31, 7:15pm
Clarinet Road opens the 15th annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival. My band has two of my favorite musicians from New Orleans and two living legends from New Orleans. Drummer Shannon Powell returns and Papa Don Vappie, who is known as a banjo virtuoso plays bass on this concert. Jon-Erik Kellso is the foremost expert on the vocabulary of early jazz trumpet but, like myself, endeavors to speak to today. Rounding out the rhythm section is guitar virtuoso Matt Munisteri.

More info at http://operahousearts.org/event/annual-deer-isle-jazz-festival/


Place: Stonington Opera House •
Date & Time: July 31, 2015, 7pm
Line-Up: Evan Christopher (clarinet)
John-Erik Kellso (trumoet), Matt Munisteri (guitar)
Don Vappie (bass)
Shannon Powell (drums)

08.02 Clarinet Road @ Snug Harbor

For the Sunday night during the beloved Satchmo SummerFest weekend, I have invited Jon-Erik Kellso to release a CD we recorded for Jazzology Records this past spring.The CD also includes Matt Munisteri on guitar and Kerry Lewis on bass.

It’s the usual drill at Snug: Two shows, 8pm & 10pm, club’s event info here or call the club during business hours. (504) 949-0696


Place: Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro, 626 Frenchmen St., New Orleans, LA 70116
Date & Time: Sunday, August 2, 2015, 8pm & 10pm
Line-Up: Evan Christopher, Jon-Erik Kellso, Matt Munisteri, Kerry Lewis



06.26 2015 Riverboat Jazz Festival

Wednesday, June 25-Saturday, June 27

For my return to the charming Riverboat Jazz Festival in Silkeborg, Denmark, I have organized a wonderful group of Danish musicians to perform some of my music as well as a few New Orleans classics. Even though this town boasts arguably the world’s oldest steamboat, my shows will be indoor, seated concerts.



Wednesday, June 24, 7:30 is a Church concert featuring Deborah Herbert [Tickets]

Thursday, June 25, 9:30-11:30 is in Rampely’s, the town’s favorite club for live music.

Friday, June 26, 9pm, is at Kedelhuset, an intimate space with great acoustics converted from an old paper-mill boiler-house.

Event Info
Place: Silkeborg, Denmark
Date & Time: June 24-26, 2015
Line-Up: Evan Christopher (clarinet)
Jan Nielsen (piano)
Jacob Fischer  (guitar)
Bass Kasper Tagel (bass)
Drums Niclas Bardeleben (drums)
Deborah Herbert (vocals)

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