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1.07 Evan Christopher w/ Rick Trolsen’s Neslorchestra @ Allways Lounge

Monday, Jan 7, 2019 (9pm-midnight)

Neslorchestra @ Allways Lounge

Along with about 18 of the city’s musical stalwarts, I’ll be part of Rick Trolsen’s NESLORCHESTRA. It’s a beast of a band led by a beast of a trombonist and composer, Rick Trolsen. Hard to believe it’s been nearly 25 years since I became an honorary Neslortian playing a few gigs with the original Neslort on Frenchmen Street before it became, well, …what it is today.

Neslort was among a handful of creative projects that put Frenchmen Street on the map including Galactic, Mas Mamones, Klezmer All-Stars and Royal Fingerbowl. It’s wonderful, despite our city’s devolving “cultural economy,” that creative artists like Rick are still on the scene.

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