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11.18 Special Guest w/ Eli Yamin @ National Jazz Museum in Harlem

SUNDAY, December 18, 2pm-5pm : Intergenerational Jam Session @ The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Pianist Eli Yamin has several reasons to celebrate with a jam session! Not only is he releasing his book, an exciting new education resource, “So You Want to Sing the Blues” but it’s his 50th birthday.


I will be among several guests performing with his trio including the great Catherine Russell. After our program, this all-ages afternoon invites any and all musicians who want to participate.


Place: National Jazz Museum in Harlem
Ground Floor, 58 W 129th St
New York, NY 10034
Date & Time: SUNDAY, 18 December, 2018, 2pm-5pm
Line-Up: Eli Yamin (piano), Trio and guests



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