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5.23 The Public Domain Project Featuring Don Vappie & Wendell Brunious @ The Old U.S. Mint


WEDNESDAY, May 23, 2pm (New Orleans)

This recital will be the fourth and final program in our “Public Domain Project” series. My special guests for the occasion are Don Vappie and Wendell Brunious.

We honor early pioneers of New Orleans music not by copying them, but by continuing the tradition with personal and contemporary performances that respect the style’s protocols. That’s why we have featured the best musicians performing traditional New Orleans music today. Because we are only using classic songs composed before 1923, we can post videos of the performances and offer sheet music that reflects how the songs are played today. The New Orleans Jazz Museum hosts these free concerts at the Old U.S. Mint with the support of the National Historical Jazz Park.

Place: Old U.S. Mint, 400 Esplanade Ave. New Orleans, LA 70116
Date & Time: WEDNESDAY, 23 May, 2018, 2pm
Line-Up: Evan Christopher (clarinet) Kris Tokorski  (guitar), Roland Guerin (bass) Benny Amon (drums)



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