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9.30 Clarinet Road, 2018 NY Hot Jazz Festival

Evan Christopher at the 2018 NY Hot Jazz Festival

Sunday, 30 September 2018 (All Night)

I will be back in New York to participate in the 2018 NY Hot Jazz Festival. The annual program will be hosted by the McKittrick Hotel (not really a hotel) to celebrate early jazz in various ways. Some sublimely musical, some ridiculously campy, but something for everyone.  

Around 4:15pm, I’ll be a featured guest in an ensemble directed by New Orleans-based trombonist, Charlie Halloran.

At 6:30pm, I have prepared a Soprano Summit-styled program with reedman Evan Arntzen.

Then, at the end of the affair, hang out with me for the late-night jam session.

The McKittrick Hotel (Chelsea) 542 W 27th St, 10001





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