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Learn About the New Orleans Clarinet Style

This year marks 25 years since I started on Clarinet Road and followed it to New Orleans.

A few seasons ago, Jazz at Lincoln Center gave me the opportunity to make three very short videos. We barely scratched the surface, yet they’ve been viewed nearly half-a-million times! Clearly, there’s some curiosity about the style, so let’s continue the conversation and get deeper into this beautiful tradition.

For me, understanding the unique clarinet tradition that evolved here is a key to understanding the music that became jazz and a key to unlocking your own personal voice on the instrument.

Follow us here as we add tutorials and brand-new resources for learning about the clarinet style of New Orleans. Have some ideas about what you’d like us to document or demonstrate?
Contact us!

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Band Workshops in New Orleans

This year, we are partnering with Little Gem Saloon to host workshops for visiting musicians who want to learn more about performing New Orleans music. Commune with some of the finest musicians in New Orleans while they share the city’s culture through their experiences, demonstrate their approach to the tradition, and coach you and your band-mates.

The workshop concludes with a lunch and an opportunity to make a souvenir video document of your experience.

Contact us for more information!

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1.12 2019 Clarinet Road at NY Winter Jazz Fest

Saturday, 12 January 2019 (6pm)

Clarinet Road opens the “NY Hot Jazz” stage for the Jan 12 music marathon¬† at NYC WinterFest. I’ll be at the charming and historic Greenwich House School of Music and will kick off the evening with contemporary renderings of classics by New Orleans clarinet legends with the help of Ehud Asherie, Neal Caine & Darrian Douglas.

Later in the evening, around 9:30pm, I’ll be a special guest with the winsome Tatiana Eve Marie.

Greenwich House is at 46 Barrow St, New York, NY 10014


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1.07 Evan Christopher w/ Rick Trolsen’s Neslorchestra @ Allways Lounge

Monday, Jan 7, 2019 (9pm-midnight)

Neslorchestra @ Allways Lounge

Along with about 18 of the city’s musical stalwarts, I’ll be part of Rick Trolsen’s NESLORCHESTRA. It’s a beast of a band led by a beast of a trombonist and composer, Rick Trolsen. Hard to believe it’s been nearly 25 years since I became an honorary Neslortian playing a few gigs with the original Neslort on Frenchmen Street before it became, well, …what it is today.

Neslort was among a handful of creative projects that put Frenchmen Street on the map including Galactic, Mas Mamones, Klezmer All-Stars and Royal Fingerbowl. It’s wonderful, despite our city’s devolving “cultural economy,” that creative artists like Rick are still on the scene.

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