Live at Luthjen’s

​Live at Luthjen's (20​20)

Track Listing:

  1. ​Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
  2. ​Sid's Biz
  3. ​Make Me a Pallet On the Floor
  4. ​Rollin' the Jernt
  5. ​Song for Jaco
  6. ​Jitterbug Waltz
  7. ​​Pouncing Around
  8. ​A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing ​
  9. ​Big Greaze
  10. Valse Marignaise (from the Faubourg Variations)

Total Time: ​52min

​About This Music:

T​his is ​a LIVE recording of my duo with New Orleans-piano master, David Torkanowsky​. The ​songs are ​a mix of originals ​and standards​ that try torepresent the state of the clarinet and piano traditions that continue to evolve in the Crescent City. ​

The recorded concert was part of the 2020 Luthjen's Live Music series hosted by Marigny Recording Studios, once home to an incarnation of the historic Luthjen's Dance Hall.

This video ​​from a promotion of the concert at the WWOZ radio station studios features, Sid's Biz, one of the songs performed for the recording.

Album Info:

​Release Date: ​April, 2020

David Torkanowsky, piano

​Evan Christopher, clarinet 


​Recorded by ​Rick Nelson at Marigny Studios (New Orleans, LA)

Mixed & Mastered ​by Ben Lorio
CD production by David Torkanowsky & Evan Christopher

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