​Enjoy some videos ​capturing memorable ​moments and musicians on Clarinet Road. ​

Petite Fleur

​The day after my 40th birthday, I ​performed at a televised tribute to Sidney Bechet for an annual "jazz" awards show in Paris. My friend Pierre Christoph put together a rhythm section and I did my best to come up with a contemporary rendering of "Petite Fleur."

Victoires du Jazz: Paris, 2009

Delta Bound

​Pianist and educator Eli Yamin featured me with his quartet at Jazz at Lincoln Center. ​Around this time, we also filmed some short educational videos for them that inspired me to do more. He has always been incredibly encouraging of my efforts to share what New Orleans has taught me.

Dizzy’s: NYC, 2014

Songe d’Automne

​The Jazz Traditions Project was the band I formed during my exile from a flooded New Orleans. ​​In 2008, this waltz was 100 years old​ when we added it to our repertoire​. It was one of my favorite recordings of Django Reinhardt's when his quartet had clarinet. We tried making it a Carnival samba.

​L'Esprit Frappeur​: Lausanne​, 2008

Blues In the Air

​The Little Gem Saloon was a welcome addition to the New Orleans scene when we first started perform​ing there. ​​I love any opportunit​y to work with guitarist Don Vappie​ because he embodies the perpetually contemporary spirit of the New Orleans tradition.

Little Gem Saloon, New Orleans: 2013