New Orleans Clarinet Origins

By Evan / February 25, 2019
Evan Christopher Portrait April Renae

​The ​New Orleans trumpet ​man lifts his horn to his face. He casually sounds a short call and scans the bandstand. Only the drummer ​responds with a nod ​and shifts ​in his ​seat​. Then, looking straight ahead, the trumpet player inhales​, his right heel meets the floor twice​, and ​he starts to play. ​But Whoa! […]

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Clarinet Road’s First Band Workshop

By Evan / February 1, 2019

​It was a glorious Sunday morning in late-March, typical for that time of year. The “Flying Jazzman’s” ​musicians​ were upstairs setting up in the Little Gem Saloon’s homey “Ramp Room” as my team of mentors arrived. ​This was our first ever New Orleans band workshop. Strains of blues from the brunch downstairs would swell and then […]

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Clarinet Road During Festival Season

By Evan / February 25, 2019
Evan Christopher 2017 French Quarter Festival

​For Clarinet Road, do you want to know the best thing about Carnival Season? ​It’s that the New Orleans Festival Season is just a few weeks away, ​which means ​great local shows​. ​​We can’t wait until French Quarter Fest and the Jazz & Heritage Festival​. ​Read on to see what we have scheduled so far. […]

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Little Gem Saloon Logo

Special Ragtime Show at Little Gem Saloon! April 6th, 2019