The Players

In this section, you can find some short riffs about some of the great stylists of the New Orleans clarinet. There's also a few clarinetists in the jazz canon and other ethnic traditions. They're included for their fiercely personal approaches. I hope you will be inspired!

The Songs

In this section, I've created some basic leadsheets for songs that are in the public domain, many of which are performed in New Orleans today or have a place in the traditional jazz canon.

The harmonies are based on consensus to give a pretty good idea about how most people play them, but now and then, I include additional chords of interest from the original sheet music or are used often enough to include as alternatives.

The Places

I've been exploring New Orleans since 1994, but I still find interesting things that are relevant to the city's cultural history. In this section, I will also occasionally include stories about the scene today.