​Django à la Créole was a hard-working quartet that I created in 2007​. It performed throughout Europe until disbanding in 2015. ​Our identity was built around the ephemeral 1939 meeting between guitarist Django Reinhardt and three of Duke Ellington's sidemen including the Creole clarinetist, Barney Bigard. 

Our repertoire was a mix of Creolized Django compositions ​and "Django-ized" ​New Orleans music. When ​David Blenkhorn left the band in late 2013, the solo guitar chair ​was filled by virtuosi including Jacob Fischer (Denmark) and the great Don Vappie ​(New Orleans).

The Mooche

​In 2013, during an annual Europe tour, Django à la Créole was asked to film a song celebrating Duke Ellington. The Duc des Lombards in Paris hosted the session, for which we chose ​Ellington's 1929 New Orleans-tinged classic, "The Mooche." 

Paris, France: 2013

I Know That You Know

​Our annual visits to the intimate Duc des Lombards were ​consistently a highlight ​of our tours. Using Django's legacy to frame a tribute to New Orleans always felt so deliciously purposeful.

Paris, France: 2010

Douce Ambiance

​We almost always opened our concert programs with this ​Django Reinhardt classic. Putting a sultry habañera rhythm on it was our way of saying, "Sit back, relax, this isn't going to be your ordinary Django-tribute."

Montargis, France: 2010

I’ll See You In My Dreams

​Shortly after the group's ​inception, I brought them to New Orleans. We had a U.S. release of the first CD at Snug Harbor, but we warmed up with an in-store at the renowned Louisiana Music Factory record store. 

New Orleans: 2008