​​The New Orleans Jazz Museum in cooperation with the National Historical Jazz Park ​is ​​​helping ​us create this ​free public domain sheet music resource​. In the USA, as of January 1, 2020, all songs composed ​before 1925 can be performed​, distributed ​or recorded​ royalty-free.

​​We've put ​emphasis ​on songs ​​​​significant to the​ traditional New Orleans music canon​. ​Our lead sheets​ reflect the published sheet music and include a chord chart ​to reflect contemporary performance practice. On occasion, ​variants of harmonies are added ​when consensus among practitioners warrant their inclusion.

As this resource expands, ​we will add a list of ​notable recordings. And​, when possible, ​we will include video performances by present-day artists in New Orleans.

​The resource will begin with concert-key versions. Transposed versions will be added soon for Bb, Eb & Bass Clef Instruments.

These pdfs are free courtesy of the New Orleans Jazz Museum. For now, the concert key versions are available as direct download. Soon,​ we will invite you to receive links to your *email. ​A "Pay What You Want" function in the shopping cart ​will enable you to support expansion of this resource. You will also have the option to subscribe to our monthly newsletter that will include tutorials about learning and performing these songs.

​* Transactions ​will be secure, and  a download link will be sent for each file requested​. ​Following the download​ of the sheet music​, a​ short email survey will help us improve this resource. Beyond this, email addresses will ​not be used for any other purpose ​and will not be shared.