​​The New Orleans Jazz Museum in cooperation with the National Historical Jazz Park ​is ​​​helping me create this ​free public domain sheet music resource​. In the USA, as of January 1, 2019, all songs composed ​before 1924 can be performed​, distributed and recorded​ royalty-free.

​I carefully chose songs ​​​​significant to the canon of traditional New Orleans music and created lead sheets for them. ​​They ​often include adjustments to ​chords that reflect contemporary performance practice. On occasion, chords ​from the original sheet music ​are ​included ​for their interest even ​​if rarely used​.

As this resource expands, ​we will add a list of ​notable recordings. And​ when possible, ​video performances by present-day artists New Orleans will be ​included. 

​All songs are available in concert key. Transposed versions will be added for Bb, Eb & Bass Clef Instruments.