After You’ve Gone — Sheet Music – Public Domain 

 November 29, 2019

By  Evan

​Song Credits:

​Music by Turner Layton ​with lyrics by ​Henry Creamer 

About This Score: 

​This jazz standard with Vaudeville origins has long been popular​ with New Orleans musicians. ​Besides being timeless, it is one of the few early songs that ​retained use the verse in performances by vocalists and instrumentalists alike. ​​

This lead sheet reflects the original published sheet music, chorus and verse. ​​The chords for the chorus reflect common performance practice, often in a blues tempo. However, the use of up-tempo double-time feel (rhythmic values augmented to twice their length) became popular with swing-era musicians or "Dixieland" bands influenced by Benny Goodman.

Download the ​Lead Sheets:

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