A Summit in Paris

​A Summit in Paris (20​20)

Track Listing:

  1. ​Wildman Blues
  2. ​Claire de Lune
  3. ​Old Sober March
  4. ​Plachterida
  5. ​After You've Gone
  6. ​Sweet Chorus
  7. ​A Summit In Paris
  8. ​Cinzano
  9. ​In a Sentimental Mood
  10. ​Bechet's Fantasy
  11. ​J'attendrai
  12. Swing That Music
  13. Little Creole Lullaby

Total Time: ​​62min

​About This Music:

​​Although Django à la Créole had run its course, I stayed friends with Dave Kelbie who introduced me to Fapy Lafertin, a force among the devotées of Django Reinhardt. Following enthusiastic reception at the 2018 Festival Django Reinhardt, a recording in the studio was arranged the following year. 

Album Info:

Release Date: Februuary, ​​2020

Evan Christopher, clarinet

​Fapy Lafertin, guitar

​​Dave Kelbie, ​rythym guitar

​Sébastien Girardot, bass

​Produced by ​Michel Stotitch - Camille Productions

Recorded & Mixed by ​Alexandre Chaigne - Music Unit Studio (​Paris, FRANCE)

​Mastered by ​Minerva Papi (​Helsinki, Finland)

CD cover Live at Luthjens
CD cover A Summit in Paris
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