Blues In the Air: The Music of Sidney Bechet

Blues In the Air (2022)


The expressive clarinetist is heard in top form throughout the set... Fans of classic jazz and Sidney Bechet will find much to enjoy on this easily recommended set... 

– Scott Yanow (Los Angeles Jazz Review)

Track Listing:

  1. Blues Dans les Blues
  2. Polka Dot Stomp
  3. Southern Sunset
  4. Dans les Rues d'Antibes
  5. What a Dream
  6. Si Tu Vois Ma Mère
  7. Lastic 
  8. Blues In the Air
  9. Girl's Dance
  10. This Is That Tomorrow I Dreaded Yesterday
  11. Ghost of the Blues

Total Time: 58min

About This Music:

Most artists who make a Bechet-centric recording either "celebrate" Bechet's personal sound and style or use his music to showcase their own aesthetic vision. For "Blues In the Air", I wanted something different. I wanted a project that simply showcases Bechet's compositions in a personal way.

Our chamber-jazz setting of Bechet's songs strives to be contemporary, yet I carefully chose players who share my respect for the tradition as well as a disciplined focus on respecting and empowering the style-specific vocabulary that underpins Bechet's music. This means not treating swing and blues as old-fashioned, but as the strategies that made Bechet's musical identity possible.

Album Info:

Release Date: March, 2022

Evan Christopher, clarinet 

Malo Maurizié, trumpet

Félix Hunot, guitar

Sébastien Girardot, bass

Guillaume Nouaux, drums

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Julien Basséres at Studio de Meudon (Paris, France) 
CD production by Evan Christopher and Michel Stochitch for Camille Productions

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