Bayou Chant & Other Textures

B​ayou Chant & Other Textures (2016)

Bayou Chant Album Cover

You’ll hear how a determined sense of purpose combines with a sanctified feeling, and how a sense of history gets distilled into something that sounds more urgent than nostalgic and truly undiluted.”

Larry Blumenfeld, Jazziz Magazine

Track Listing:

  1. Congo In the Square
  2. Bayou Chant
  3. Rollin' the Ivories
  4. Father
  5. Old Sober March
  6. Out of There
  7. Surrender Blue
  8. Creole Wild West
  9. Waltz For All Souls
  10. Steady Flow

Total Time: 59 min

​About This Music:

Selected from three live concerts at Luthjen’s Dance Hall (now a recording studio) during the 2015 "HeritageFest" season, these ten original ‘sketches’ find my clarinet telling some New Orleans stories.

The first and second evenings, I was accompanied by virtuoso pianists Joe Ashlar and David Torkanowsky, respectively. The third night was an acoustic trio experiment with Brian Seeger and Roland Guerin.

The songs ​may be contemporary, but I tried to craft​ them to showcase the Creole clarinet ​tradition embodied by the players whom I most admire.

Album Info:

Release Date: 2016, STR Digital, New Orleans

Tracks 1 & 5: w/ Joe Ashlar (piano)
Tracks 3, 7 & 9: w/ David Torkanowsky (piano)
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10: w/ Brian Seeger (guitars) & Roland Guerin (basses)

All compositions by Evan Christopher EXCEPT Father (Brian Seeger) and Steady Flow (Rolad Guerin)

Recorded by Rick Nelson
Marigny Recording (New Orleans, LA) April 27-29, 2015
Mixed & Mastered by Sanford Hinderlie
STR Digital Recording (New Orleans, LA)

CD cover Live at Luthjens
CD cover A Summit in Paris
Bayou Chant & Other Textures