The Ragpickers Over 50 Years of Recorded Ragtime (2003)

​...a delight to fans of both ragtime and New Orleans jazz."

​Scott Yanow, ​


Track Listing:

  1. Cataract Rag
  2. Entertainers Rag
  3. The Lily Rag
  4. Redhead Rag
  5. Crawfish Crawl
  6. Nonsense Rag
  7. Rubber Plant Rag
  8. Bohemia
  9. Heliotrope Bouquet
  10. Doc Brown's Cake Walk
  11. Sunburst Rag
  12. Pastime #5
  13. Just Ask Me
  14. Sponge
  15. Temptation Rag

Total Time: ​56min

​About This Music:

​So, this is really two sessions in one CD. The first six tracks featuring New Orleans clarinetist Tony Parenti are from 1949. Because they weren't sufficient for a CD, ​George Buck's Jazzology decided to add on to the session. I jumped at the chance.

I loved ragtime music since I was very young. ​I grew up with the Joshua Rifkin Scott Joplin LPs in my father's small record collection. I ​remember being excited when music from "The Sting" ​would come on the radio. And I ​dug the Parenti sides the first time I heard them because they were​ fast and loose, not strict.

I think ​my trio with Hal Smith and Jeff Barnhart did a good job, the choices are strong and interesting. But ​I much prefer ​Parenti's original sides with Ralph Sutton and George Wettling and wish we had gotten closer. I also took effort to re-master those, so I think it's worth it for that alone.

Album Info:

Release Date: ​March, 2002

​Tracks 1-6 (Recorded in 1949)

​Tony Parenti, clarinet

​Ralph Sutton, piano

​George Wettling, drums

​Tracks 7-1​5 (Recorded in 2002)

​Evan Christopher, clarinet

​Jeff Barnhart, piano

​Hal Smith, drums

​Recorded by Richard Bird at Jazzology Studios

​Mixed and Mastered by Peter Karl, Peter Karl Studios (Brooklyn, NY)

​Executive Producer: George H. Buck, Jazzology Records

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