Gems by the Piano Giants

Gems by the Piano Giants (2016)

​Asherie and virtuoso clarinetist Evan Christopher—joined thrice by singer Hilary Gardner—inhabit repertoire along a timeline that traverses the early ’20s ​to the late ’40s

​Ted Panken, ​Downbeat Magazine

Track Listing:

  1. In The Land of Oo-Bla-Dee
  2. April In My Heart
  3. You’re Lucky To Me
  4. The Pearls
  5. I'll ​Keep Loving You
  6. The Little Things That Mean So Much
  7. The Love Bug
  8. ​My Fate Is In ​Your Hands
  9. Fast As a Bastard

Total Time: ​43min

​About This Music:

​Piano virtuoso, Ehud Asherie, and I started collaborating more regularly around 2015 after several short meetings at festivals including the Newport Jazz Festival and UmbriaJazz in Italy. This CD ​​is our first outing as a duo and showcas​ed compositions by some of our favorite pianists.

Ehud is a well-versed in many styles of music, but this was a vehicle for his exuberant approach to stride piano exemplified by Harlem pianists such as James P. Johnson.

​Because three of the songs ​begged to be presented with their lyrics, ​Hilary Gardner lent her charmingly sweet voice, as well.

Album Info:

Release Date: ​2016

Evan Christopher, clarinet & Ehud Asherie, piano
Special Guest: Hilary Gardner, vocals (Tracks 3, 6 & 8)

​Recorded by Michael Brobry
​Acoustic Recording (Brooklyn, NY) April 27-29, 2015
Mixed & Mastered by ​Peter Karl

Peter Karl Studios (​Brooklyn, NY)

​Produced by Evan Christopher & Ehud Asherie

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