Almost Native

Almost Native​ (2011)

​...Tom McDermott and Evan Christopher play a wide range of French, Caribbean and Gulf Coast music with verve and elegance, yet they also can dip into the gutter and mess with low-down music."

David Kunian – The New Orleans Advocate's  Gambit Magazine

Track Listing:

  1. Tango Ambiguo
  2. Heavy Henry
  3. Waltz For All Souls
  4. Le Manège Rouge (The Red Carousel)
  5. Spooky Blues (For Booker)/Quite Enough Blues
  6. The Don't-Mess-With-My Two-Step
  7. Chorando Em Paris (Playing Choro in Paris)
  8. Tandé Sak Fé Loraj Gwondé (Hear the One Who Makes the Thunder Roar)
  9. Musette In A Minor
  10. March of the Pony Girls
  11. Irresistivel (Irresistible)

Total Time: ​54min

​About This Music:

T​his is the second duo ​collaboration​ ​in which I was enlisted by the eclectic and iconoclastic Tom McDermott​. The ​songs are his originals except for two offerings of mine. Together, they capture our shared holistic view of how the New Orleans ​soundscape​ evolved into its own genre.

The piano and clarinet styles we try to blend are distinctly local and the vocabulary colors the way we approach all the inter-related syncopated musics we love. If one keeps this in mind, the album's cover might make more sense.

The video ​here at ​the Louisiana Music Factory is from ​​​one of the ​CD's​ release events and features three of the songs. ​"Almost Native" was made possible with the support ​from the Threadhead Foundation.

Album Info:

Release Date: April, 2011

​Tom McDermott, piano

​Evan Christopher, clarinet 

​All songs composed by Tom McDermott

except Waltz For All Souls & Tandé Sak Fé Loraj Gwondé by Evan Christopher

​Recorded by Earl Scioneaux III at Big Easy Recording (Metairie, LA)

Produced by Tom McDermott with support from the Threadhead Foundation

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CD cover A Summit in Paris
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