Clarinet Road Vol. II: The Road to Romance

Clarinet Road Vol. 2: The Road to Romance (2004)

Best not to question the will of my muse.

Command of my fate and fortune she has.

Duets brief, and always tinged with the blues,

The die is cast to walk alone with jazz.

​How then to secure love's rare memories?

Locks opened only by clarinet keys.

From the Clarinet Road Sonnet 

Track Listing:

  1. If I Should Lose You
  2. Sweet and Slow
  3. Love Walked In
  4. I'm Glad There Is You
  5. It Had To Be You
  6. One Night of Love
  7. East of the Sun
  8. The Peacocks
  9. I'm in the Mood for Love
  10. It's You or No One

Total Time: ​56min

​About This Music:

One of the first musicians I met when I started university studies was pianist Chris Dawson. We were in a commercial music/jazz studies program, which basically meant we had to learn Giant Steps even though he loved Teddy Wilson and I loved Artie Shaw. 

We stayed in touch but went our ways, by 1994 I was in New Orleans. Then, around 1999, we decided we needed to re-unite and record into the studio together. So, technically, Clarinet Road v.2 was recorded before the v.1 material.

Our special guests were Larance Marable, Jack Sheldon and Tierney Sutton. I guess I was still thinking I wanted to be a "jazz" musician. Anyway, I kept ten of the twenty tracks that all had a loose theme around love and romance. Neither Chris nor I remember what happened to the other material. Because I wanted a New Orleans-themed project to be the first "ClarinetRoad" CD, I waited a few years before releasing these.

Album Info:

Release Date: ​Feb, 2004

​Evan Christopher, clarinet

​Chris Dawson, piano

​Darek Oles, bass

​Kendall Kay, drums

​Special guests:

​Jack Sheldon, vocals 2, 6 & 9 (trumpet on 2)

​Tierney Sutton, vocals 4, 7, 9

​Larance Marable, drums on 1

​Recorded 2000, Los Angeles

​Mixed & mastered September, 2001 by Peter Karl, Peter Karl Studios (Brooklyn, NY)

​Produced for STR Digital Records by Sanford Hinderlie

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